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Nebraska Attack Basketball was established as a girls basketball program in 2015 and has made a positive impact on youth in the state of Nebraska and on the national level ever since. Our primary goal is to provide an educational and national-level competitive basketball program for girls and young women that teaches commitment, discipline, fundamentals, leadership skills, and work ethic. Our focus is to help girls become not only great basketball players, but stronger leaders, and better people.

We don’t focus on winning championships, we focus on DEVELOPING CHAMPIONS!

The NE Attack 17U UAA Team finishes 5th in the 2022 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

The NE Attack 15U UAA Team is the 2022 NATIONAL CHAMPION!



Amy Isherwood
Gretna Clinic Manager
11532 Willow Park Dr., Suite 100
Gretna, NE 68028


Amy is the wife of Attack’s owner and director, Zach Isherwood. You will see Amy around at many of our games as she loves to stay involved with the Attack family. Zach and Amy’s oldest daughter, Oakley is currently 3 years old and is looking forward to being a future Attack baller.

Amy is a physical therapist with Stodden Physical Therapy in Gretna and has treated many of our players in the past few years. She would love to help you if you are looking for a physical therapist.



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The Nebraska Attack Girls Basketball Program is dedicated to serving the youth in Nebraska by supporting their academic and athletic goals. The following guide our program:

To use basketball as a platform to teach life lessons and character development such as how to be a leader, handle adversity, and work in a team setting. We believe that these disciplines can be used on and off the court and we take every opportunity to instill them into our athletes.

To develop a basketball program that is accessible to athletes who desire to become excellent. If this desire is present, then we believe that nothing should stand in the way of the player achieving this goal. We aim to break down the barriers created by financial situations, abilities, and demographics in order to give every opportunity to excel.

To provide opportunities for our athletes to share quality time with family and friends in practice and on road trips. Our desire is to give our athletes and their families something positive and constructive to do with their time.

To improve basketball skills. We want our athletes to be the best basketball players they can be. This requires a lot of practice, training, and working on weaknesses. This is the tough part, it means working hard, and we will push them to work harder than they want to.

To develop quality individuals who value integrity, fairness, responsibility, and maturity. We expect our athletes to approach every game with the mindset of upholding Nebraska Attack as a classy program. This means demonstrating good sportsmanship and proper basketball etiquette by respecting the opposing players, coaches and officials.


ATTACK GYM ADDRESS: 212 W Gruenther Road, Gretna NE 68028