Youth Athlete of the Week

The Nebraska Attack Youth Athlete of the week is awarded to a player who has displayed Superior Work Ethic and Extra Efforts to improve their fundamentals and skills on their own outside of practice. It also recognizes Outstanding Character as a Good Teammate and Leader on the court. 

Summer 2019

Week #4 (6-9-19)

Way to work Addison Maurer (3rd grade; Treynor Elementary) and Kate Johnson (4th grade; Sunset Hills Elementary). Both Addison and Kate spend as much time as they can working on their basketball skills outside of their normal team practice time. Kate stays late after every practice getting as many extra shots in as she can (till she gets kicked out of the gym to lock up) and Addison runs out to their hoop in the driveway to practice her basketball skills and her shot as soon as she gets home from a tough tournament in Iowa (she didn’t even take the time to change out of her uniform). Keep up the hard work girls!

Addison & Kate begged to be taken to the gym to practice and play basketball on a rainy day.
Addison running out to practice some more as soon as she gets home from a tough tournament in Iowa.
Kate practicing on her own well into the evening.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Week #3 (5-26-19)

Awesome job, Olivia Lodu (7th grade; Andersen MS) for putting in extra time working on her skills outside of team practices. Olivia practices her free throws daily with her Grandpa and is constantly recruiting her friends to play with her at the YMCA. She organizes neighborhood games and teaches the other players things that she has learned in practice. She  is constantly working on being a good teammate and helps her team with her communication on the court.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Week #2 (5-19-19)

Ellie Leuschen (3rd grade; Ackerman Elem) & Parker Minzel (3rd grade; Black Elk Elem) are getting in extra practice time with the boys skills training! Keep up the hard work and extra effort girls!

Ellie Leuschen
Parker Minzel
Parker Minzel & Ellie Leuschen

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Week #1 (4-21-19)

CONGRATULATIONS Brooke Wenninghoff (7th grade; Beadle MS) on being nominated as our Athlete of the Week by her coach!

Brooke never misses a practice and her hard work and effort does not go unnoticed while at practice and during her games. Brooke spends time on her own outside of practice working on her shot and skills whenever the weather permits. In addition, she is spending time now teaching her little brother basic basketball skills as he now expresses his own interest in playing basketball.

Her character as a good teammate has also been recognized as she encourages her teammates to keep up their own efforts on the court and treats everyone around her with respect.

Fall/Winter 2018

Week #4 12-18-18

Calie Ott 2018
12/18/18 Callie Ott (7th Grade Russell MS)

Week #3 12-11-18

12/11/18 Jenna Hopp (8th Grade Glenwood, IA)
12/11/18 Kennedy Russell (5th Grade Bell Elementary- Papillion)

Week #2 11-27-18

11/27/18 Jordan Holmes (4th Grade West Bay Elem)
11/27/18 Olivia Malousek (7th Grade Buffet MS)

Week #1 11-20-18

11/20/18 Sydney Guzinski (8th Grade Oakland-Craig)

Fall/Winter 2017

Week #9 1-17-18

1/17/18 Jaycee Fangmeyer (5th Grade Ashland-Greenwood)

Week #8 12-19-17

12/19/17 Kaitlyn Hanna (8th Grade Westside MS)

Week #7 12-12-17

Jenna YAOW
12/12/17 Jenna Hopp (7th Grade Glenwood, IA)

Week #6 12-5-17

FullSizeRender (53)
12/5/17 Hayden Hart (5th Grd Palisades Elem)

Week #5 11-28-17


Ellie Fehringer YAOW
11/28/17 Ellie Fehringer (Westside Middle School)

Week #4 11-14-17

11/14/17 Callie Ott (6th Grade Russell Middle School)

Week #3 10-23-17

10/26/17 Reese Murtaugh (5th grade Portal Elementary)

Previous Winners

10/17/17 Avril Smith (5th grade Cather Elementary)
10/10/17 Bianca Calabretto (5th grade Aspen Creek Elementary Gretna)