Omaha NE

Oct 16-Dec 17, 2021 OSA Pella League- Omaha NE

Oct 16-Dec 17, 2021

OSA Pella Leauge- Omaha NE

  • Equals same as 3 tournaments
  • We have requested no games Oct 16-17 and Oct 23-24 so 1st games should start Oct 30-31 or after



*HOME Team wears White/Light Jersey (Home Team is listed FIRST on the schedule, both online & on the app)


VENUES: Game locations can be found on teh PLACES tab in Tourney Machine


ADMISSION: $3/daily for adults 18 and over. Kids are free. Season passes with 8 punches for $20 will be available the first two weeks only.


COACH PASSES: Each team will be allowed two coach passes per team.


SCOREKEEPER PASS: Each team will be given one scorekeeper pass for the season.