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July 21-24, 2023 Select Events The Finale- Cincinnati OH

July 21-24, 2023

Select Events The Finale- Cincinnati OH


Tournament RULES



  • Spooky Nook Champion Mill (SNCM): 611 N B Street, Hamilton OH 45013
  • Queen City Sportsplex (QCS): 10765 Reading Road, Cincinnati OH 45241


ADMISSIONS: ALL ADMISSIONS will be sold online using the link below. Purchasing your admission ticket ahead of time will help expedite entrance into the facility.

Ticket Link: 


PARKING (Champion Mill Facility):

Parking lots 1, 2 and 7 are the available options for the event. When parking lots 1 and 2 become full, lot 7 is just over the river and is located out of the congestion. Lot 7 will have shuttle buses to bring you to and from our B Street entrance, or it is a short walk to ether of the facility entrances.  Lot 7 is just over the Black Street bridge.

Please note that parking lots 3 and 6 are reserved for overnight guests of the Warehouse Hotel, and a visible parking permit is required to access these lots.

Please see the below link to a map of our parking lots.


  • The parking fee is $5 per day. All payments for parking will be handled at our Guest Services desks which is located directly inside the main entrance.
  • You are highly encouraged to pay for parking at Guest Services throughout the day whenever it is convenient for you. Doing it earlier in the day will avoid any waiting times that could occur at the end of the event.
  • Prior to exiting all parking lots, you will be required to show our Parking Attendant your pass to validate payment.


Spooky Nook Sports-Champion Mill does not allow guests to bring in outside food or drinks.


Guests are welcome to bring in portable chairs.


If you have any questions or hotel related issues please contact us at