Omaha NE

Jan 6-8, 2023 SCB Winter Jam- Lincoln NE

Jan 6-8, 2023

SCB Winter Jam- Lincoln NE


  • Credit Card Only: Please note that this tournament is a credit card only system at the admission table. Supreme events no longer accept cash for a variety of reasons. 
    • Daily - $9 (+ sales tax) for adults, $4 (+ sales tax) for K-12 students, and free admission to anyone not yet in school.  
    • Weekend Pass - $22 (+ sales tax) for adults and $10 (+ sales tax) for K-12 students 
  • Coaches Information: Coaches will need to sign-in at the admission table to get in free for each game.  Two coaches are allowed in for free.
  • Score Keeper / Time Keeper: Each team will need to provide a score keeper and a timekeeper.  We will have a scorebook at each table, along with a rule sheet to help out the time keeper.