Omaha NE

Jan 14-16, 2022 Bennington Badgers Trny- Omaha NE

Jan 14-16, 2022

Bennington Badgers Trny- Omaha NE

*WEATHER: We can't control it or the cancellations of our courts for Friday evening. Nor are we asking anyone to put their teams/families in danger if they feel it's unsafe to drive. We understand it's a major inconvenience to have a 3pm basketball game on a Friday, but we are simply providing an alternative solution vs. just canceling the games all together.
Having said that, we will do our very best to update you if the opposing team is canceling their game due to weather, travel, etc. If you see a score already put in for your game, that simply means the game is canceled and will not be played as 1 or more of the teams is unable to make it to that particular game.


15-0 Forfeit means game is cancelled: If your score shows up as 15-0 it means 1 or more of the teams aren't able to make it to the game with weather, time slot, etc. It may show as rescheduled for a school court tonight (Friday), but had to place it somewhere to forfeit the game. Once again...if score shows 15-0 there is NO game!!


We are unable to make up any canceled games as we are maxed out on all of our courts this weekend.


MASK MANDATE: The only courts that will require masks are the following: Westside Middle School, Alfonza Davis Middle School, and Millard West High School. Everyone will be required to wear masks at all times except for the players and referees during actual play. Once again, out of our control...and if you refuse to wear a mask you'll be asked to leave. 

HOME team is listed on top of Tourney Machine games and will wear white/light colored jersey.
VISITOR team is listed on bottom of Tourney Machine games and will wear dark colored jersey. Home team will provide a game ball
RULES: Posted on Tourney Machine App under More/Documents. Will also be posted at each scorers table

ADMISSIONS: $6/Adult and $4/Student. Coaches (2 max per team) will have a sign-in sheet at admissions table for free entry. We will have Venmo option to pay at admissions!!

SCOREKEEPERS: Each team will need to provide a scorekeeper for each game. Please provide an adult (18 or older)