Omaha, NE

April 24-25, 2021 AIA Spring Showcase- Ames IA

April 24-25, 2021

AIA Spring Showcase- Ames IA

  • Admission will be charged daily both days
    • All Admission will be $13 per ADULT, and $8 for Students.
    • Preschool and under will be free
  • In accordance with Iowa's governor mandates on COVID-19, we will be allowing any and all spectators to attend, there is no limit per player. See more attached  
  • Scorekeepers & clock operators will be provided by AIA staff for all games so parents can just enjoy the games!
  • Warm Up Balls - We will be providing Warm-Up and Game Balls. PLEASE TELL PLAYERS TO LEAVE THEIR PERSONAL BALLS AT HOME!
  • Coaches Check-In will occur at the front door of the Facilities.  All coaches will need to check in prior to their first game to receive their weekend passes. 
  • Home team is listed first/top on Tourney Machine and will wear light colored jerseys
Games will be live streamed at The Fieldhouse and Canyon Hopkins Courts. Livestreaming will not be available at Ballard HS or Ballard MS. All Iowa Attack is using a company called Live Barn for their livestreaming services. In order to access the live stream, visit LIVEBARN.COM and click SIGN UP in the top right. Use the Promo Code: 013d-d37a to get a discount. Once you create your account, you can search for our Fieldhouse or Canyon Courts facility and view the cameras live stream. 

Comfort Inn & Suites near ISU Campus
603 S 16th Street
Ames, IA 50010
10 min from venue
Indoor Pool
Laundry on Site (coin operated)
*we requested no games before 10:00am on Saturday
Deadline= Fri April 16th, 2021