Omaha, NE


Is All Nebraska Attack (ANA) a girls only program or are there also boys teams?
We are a Girls program only. This allows us to focus all our resources and efforts in helping girls pursue their goals and dreams through the game of basketball.

How many teams does ANA have?
We are pleased to present a full slate of Girls basketball teams with grades ranging from 4th Grade through High School. We have the following teams and typically have two teams per grade.
4th Grade
5th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
ANA 11th Elite (Current Juniors and below) – Travel across the country to play the best
ANA 10th Elite (Current Sophomores and below) – Travel across the country to play the best
ANA 9th Elite (Current Freshman and below)- Travel local & regional
ANA 11th National (Current Juniors and below)- Travel local & regional
ANA 10th National (Current Sophomores and below)- Travel local & regional
ANA Regional (Current Juniors and below)- Travel mostly local


Where are practices held? What are they like? How often?

ANA practices are held throughout the Omaha Metro in various gyms, which include but are not limited to Millard, Papillion, Bellevue, Gretna, Elkhorn and Fremont.
Our High School teams (Grades 9-11) practice 2-3 times weekly. We focus primarily on skill development, but also include team development. Our #1 goal is to help the girl improve as basketball players, and have that carry over to their high school teams, and potential college careers.
Our Youth teams (Grades 4-8) practice an average of 2 times per week. These practices range from 90 mins to 2 hours and are very focused on skill development. Our #1 goal is to help the girls become the best basketball players they can be. Winning games at a young age takes a backseat to skill development.

How long is an ANA season?
ANA High School Teams (grades 9-11) begin practicing in March after the Nebraska State Tournament. The season runs from March-July.
ANA Youth teams (grades 4-8) have two separate seasons. Spring/Summer season which runs from late March-July. Fall/Winter season which runs from mid September-February.

Does ANA hold tryouts for team selection or are the teams invite only?
We do hold tryouts for team selection. ANA High School tryouts are in late October for the following Spring/Summer season. ANA Youth tryouts are in late February for the Spring/Summer season and in late February for the Fall/Winter season.

How does ANA assist in the post-secondary recruiting process?
Through high level coaching, training and competitive play, ANA is committed to providing our elite athletes with the foremost in player development opportunities. The practices and tournament schedules will provide both challenges and opportunities to experience successes. Athletes who are interested in playing at the collegiate level will have many opportunities to showcase their talents during college viewing tournaments. ANA players and their families will receive guidance and support in how to best approach the recruiting and the university/college section process.


What separates the ANA high school program from others?
Our high school program is an elite-level, national traveling basketball program. We are highly respected by college coaches, club coaches, recruiting services, and media outlets across the country. We play in high-caliber national tournaments all over the country, in events that are very well attended by college coaches. All of these tournaments give our players maximum college exposure. Our tenured coaching staff has a great deal of experience in working with college coaches, and helping girls not only make it to the next level, but also preparing them to play at next level.
All Nebraska Attack offers the highest level of skill development training. Our coaches and skill trainers offer year-round basketball training that is top notch. We prepare our players using proper fundamentals as well as the latest offensive and defensive drills and techniques. Our practice and in-game coaching are consistently reinforced by solid instruction that will assist our players in the making the “next step” and playing at the collegiate level.
The ANA coaching staff is well respected in the college coaching community. We have years of experience working with college coaches from many Division I, II, & III schools in the country. In addition, we also have an outstanding working relationship with NAIA and top Junior Colleges. We provide extensive recruiting assistance for all ANA players. We have a proven track record of placing our players into these schools.

Does the schedule allow for girls participate in other sports while playing ANA?
Yes, we encourage girls to be multi-sport athletes. As girls enter high school we recommend that they begin to focus additional time on the sport they plan to play in college (outside of the high school sports). Many ANA girls play a Fall/Spring high school sport or both.


Does the schedule allow for girls to play with their high school teams in June?
Yes, the majority of ANA HS teams have 2-4 weekends off in June to play with their high school teams. ANA encourages girls to attends camps, clinics, workouts, with their high school team.


Is All Nebraska Attack for Nebraska girls only or do we have girls from other states?
We have had multiple players from the state of Iowa and South Dakota. Girls from all states who border Nebraska are welcome to participate.