Week 6

Class A
Week #6
Date 1/09/18

1) Westside (8-1)
2) Millard South (11-1)
3) Papillion La-Vista (10-1)
4) Millard North (10-1)
5) Lincoln East (8-3)
6) Lincoln Northeast (8-3)
7) Bellevue West (6-4)
8) Lincoln Southwest (7-5)
9) Fremont (5-3)
10) Lincoln Pius X (7-4)

Comments, observations or reasons for major changes: Metro tournament shook up the top of the poll. Westside avenged an earlier loss to Millard South with a statement victory in the finals. Papio receives the nod over Millard North for #3 based on their margin of victory over BW. Lincoln East and LNE could go either way with the LNE win over East, but East won the HAC conference tournament the week prior. Top Games this week: Millard North at Bellevue West, Fremont at Lincoln Southwest, Papillion-La Vista at Lincoln Northeast, Millard North at Millard South.

Class B
Week #6
Date 1/09/18

1) Elkhorn (11-1)
2) Seward (7-3)
3) Waverly (7-3)
4) Platteview (9-2)
5) Gretna (7-3)
6) York (7-4)
7) Aurora (7-3)
8) South Sioux City (8-4)
9) Elkhorn South (4-7)
10) Sidney (11-2)

Comments, observations or reasons for major changes: Class B had a wild week across the state. Elkhorn stays at #1 based on overall schedule, even after their OT loss @ Aurora. Seward gets a slight edge over Waverly comparing common opponents, and will be tested over the next week. Gretna defeated Platteview, but lost to York who Platteview defeated less than two weeks ago. Aurora jumps in at #7 with recent wins over Elkhorn and Gretna. SSC went 2-1 on the week, with the loss coming to class A Norfolk. Elkhorn South gets revenge on class A Omaha North defeating them by 20 points. Sidney has a good record, but strength of schedule remains a question.

Class C-1
Week #6
Date 1/09/18

1) Ord (12-0)
2) Lincoln Christian (9-2)
3) Mitchell (12-0)
4) Bishop Neumann (9-2)
5) Wahoo (9-2)
6) Lincoln Lutheran (9-2)
7) Malcolm (9-2)
8) Columbus Scotus (7-3)
9) Auburn (7-3)
10) Grand Island Central Catholic (7-3)

Comments, observations or reasons for major changes: Ord takes over the top spot after a Lincoln Christian loss in OT to class C2 Hastings St. Cecilia. Teams #4-#6 are tough to rank as they seem very similar. Wahoo picked up a nice victory over class B Crete. GICC enters at #10 this week. Top games this week: Grand Island CC at York, Lincoln Lutheran at Elmwood-Murdock, Lincoln Christian at Columbus Scotus, Platteview at Wahoo.

Class C2
Week #6
Date 1/09/18

1. Hastings St Cecilia (8-1)
2. Superior (12-0)
3. Stanton (11-1)
4. North Platte St Pats (11-1)
5. Hartington/Newcastle (9-1)
6. Crofton (9-3)
7. Ravenna (9-3)
8. Oakland-Craig (10-3)
9. Archbishop Bergan (11-1)
10. Hartington Cedar Catholic (8-2)

Comments, observations or reasons for major changes: HSC stakes it’s claim for #1 with a thrilling victory over class C1 Lincoln Christian. Superior continues to roll, Stanton isn’t penalized for losing to Oakland-Craig, who then lost to Elmwood-Murdock who is next in line to be ranked. Tough to drop Crofton far after losing to Class B South Sioux City. Ravenna has three losses, but has played a very tough schedule. Not much separation in this class after the top two teams. Archbishop Bergan may be one of the best teams In C2, and will have the opportunity to prove it as there strength of schedule picks up in January. Top games this week: HSC vs Kearney Catholic, O-C vs BRLD, NPSP vs Mullen, E-M vs Lincoln Lutheran

Class: D1
Week: 6
Date: 1/09/18

1. Meridian (12-0)
2. BDS (11-1)
3. GACC (9-3)
4. Pleasanton (10-0)
5. Ansley-Litchfield (10-1)
6. Humphrey/Lindsay HF (10-2)
7. North Central (9-2)
8. Elm Creek (9-2)
9. Clarkson/Leigh (9-3)
10. Heartland (8-1)

Comments, observations or reasons for major changes: Only move is Ansley-Litchfield drops to 5th from 2nd after a loss to Class C2 Ravenna. Everything else remains the same as the schools rated won games last week. Key games this week: GACC at Bishop Neumann, Superior at Heartland, West Holt at North Central, Clarkson/Leigh at Humphrey SF.

Class D2
Week #6
Date 1/09/18

1) Falls City Sacred Heart (11-0)
2) Humphrey St. Francis (11-1)
3) Exeter-Milligan (11-1)
4) Ewing (10-1)
5) Hyannis (9-1)
6) Wynot (7-4)
7) Mullen (9-1)
8) Red Cloud (8-2)
9) Maywood-Hayes Center (10-2)
10) CWC (6-5)

Comments, observations or reasons for major changes: No major changes this week. Humphrey St. Francis stays at #2 after their first loss coming to C-2 Burwell. Hyannis and Wynot flip spots after a Wynot loss. MUDECAS tournament starts this week in Beatrice. Teams involved – Falls City Sacred Heart, Exeter-Milligan (D-2), Meridian, BDS (D-1)