Week #10 (2/6/18)

Nebraska Girls High School Rankings Coaches Poll
Class A
Week #10
Date 2/6/18

1) Lincoln East (16-3)
2) Millard South (17-2)
3) Westside (16-2)
4) Millard North (17-2)
5) Papillion La-Vista (15-5)
6) Fremont (11-5)
7) Lincoln Pius X (12-6)
8) Lincoln Southwest (12-7)
9) Omaha Benson (11-7)
10) Lincoln Northeast (13-6)

Comments, observations or reasons for major changes: Lincoln East moves to #1 after Westside falls to Northwest. East barely edges out Millard South based on head to head. Millard South had a good week with road wins over Fremont & Benson. Millard North has won six straight, but will be tested the final four games of the regular season. Papillion La-Vista is in at #5 based on overall body of work. Fremont has LNE, Pius and MN as three of their next four games. Pius had a good win at Marian, Southwest has East and Pius back to back this week giving them the chance to climb up the rankings. Omaha Benson enters after defeating LNE. LNE stays in at #10 based on full resume (3 wins over top 7 teams). Many big games this week, expect a shakeup in the top ten.

Class B
Week #10
Date 2/6/18

1) Seward (16-3)
2) Elkhorn (19-2)
3) Platteview (18-3)
4) South Sioux City (16-4)
5) Waverly (13-7)
6) York (13-6)
7) Gretna (12-6)
8) Elkhorn South (8-12)
9) Sidney (18-3)
10) Crete (12-9)

Comments, observations or reasons for major changes: Seward, Elkhorn, Platteview, SSC and Waverly have emerged as the head of the pack but slightly for now. York also is right with the top group. Gretna has a couple close losses, but could just have easily won them and be at the top. Elkhorn South is dangerous and will want to be avoided come post season play. Sidney is #9 based on their 18-3 record. Crete and Hastings were tied for #10, so a different class B coach broke the tie giving the nod to Crete.


Class C-1
Week #10
Date 2/6/18

1) Ord (21-0)
2) Lincoln Christian (16-3)
3) Bishop Neumann (16-3)
4) Mitchell (22-0)
5) Wahoo (18-3)
6) Malcolm (18-2)
7) Scotus (15-5)
8) Lincoln Lutheran (14-6)
9) Auburn (16-4)
10) North Bend Central (15-4)

Comments, observations or reasons for major changes: Lincoln Christian jumps up to #2 based on their win over Bishop Neumann creating the only change in the rankings this week. Neumann stays ahead of Mitchell based on their Centennial Conference Tournament Championship; Contenders include Hershey, Louisville, Milford and Conestoga.

Class C2
Week #10
Date 2/6/18

1. Hastings St Cecilia (17-2)—close call with L-L and Adams Central but two wins
2. Superior (20-1)—won six in a row since Lincoln Christian loss
3. Ravenna (17-4)—lost to Ord by 12 in conference tourney
4. North Platte St Pats (19-2)—four wins in a row
5. BRLD (17-4)—EHC champs; good wins over Stanton and NBC
6. Stanton (17-3)—two losses including BRLD
7. Archbishop Bergan (15-4)—3-3 in last six games but losses are all to very good teams
8. South Loup (16-3)—their 3 losses are to Pleasanton (19-1) and A-L (18-2) (twice)
9. Hartington-Newcastle (17-3) lost to Ponca by 20
10. Crofton (12-8)—good win over GACC; loss to Pierce in conference final by 4
Comments, observations or reasons for changes: BRLD jumps in the rankings for their conference tournament championship. Ravenna not punished for losing to undefeated and C1 Ord. Stanton drops 2 games in their conference tournament to fall slightly. Hartington-Newcastle was upset in the semifinals of their conference tournament to fall slightly. The #10 spot is up for grabs. Crofton earns the nod based on strength of schedule. They avenged an earlier loss to ONeill (winning by 22) and then beat a good GACC team.

Class: D1
Week: 10
Date: 2/6/18


1. BDS (19-2)
2. Pleasanton (19-1)
3. Friend (18-3)
4. GACC (15-6)
5. Ansley-Litchfield (18-2)
6. West Holt (13-6)
7. North Central (17-3)
8. Meridian (18-3)
9. Humphrey/LHF (17-4)
10. Clarkson-Leigh (13-6)


Comments, observations or reasons for changes: The top 2 remain the same as they both continue to win. Pleasanton had a very nice victory over Elm Creek in the Conference Championship. BDS closes the season this week with a top 10 matchup against Meridian. Friend wins their conference and beats FCSH handily, causing their move up to #3 in the rankings as they are playing great basketball and are on a roll. GACC drops one spot after losing to Crofton in conference tournament. Ansley-Litchfield holds at 5 as they continue to win and had a nice conference tournament win the previous week over South Loup. West Holt jumps into the ratings after winning the NVC tourney with 4 solid wins including 3 over Elgin/PJ, Ewing and North Central. North Central falls after their loss to West Holt in the championship. Meridian falls to #8 but has a big week to prove to teams with games against Friend and BDS. Humphrey/LHF loses to champion BRLD in EHC conference tournament and Clarkson-Leigh re-enters after a 1-1 week, going 2-1 in conference tourney.


Class D2
Week #10
Date 2/6/18

1) Falls City Sacred Heart (20-1)
2) Humphrey St. Francis (19-2)
3) Exeter-Milligan (17-5)
4) Hyannis (16-2)
5) Ewing (17-3)
6) Red Cloud (15-4)
7) Maywood-Hayes Center (17-4)
8) Mullen (15-5)
9) Wauneta-Palisade (14-6)
10) Wynot (12-7)

Comments, observations or reasons for change: Hyannis moves up a spot after a loss by Ewing. Wynot drops after a couple of losses but stays in the ratings because of strength of schedule. CWC drops out and Wauneta-Palisade jumps up to 9. Sacred Heart does not drop after a loss to Friend in the Pioneer conference championship.